Power & Utilities

Smart Grid technologies continue to evolve enabling new opportunities to provide customers with improved quality and more efficient power services. Innovations in Demand Response, Virtual Power Plants (VPP), Enterprise Storage Systems (ESS), Electric Vehicles (EV), and Microgrids are leading the way in this trend. The innovation ecosystem is on a clear trajectory to enable a customer driven transactive energy marketplace. 

To provide the  seamless user experience expected by customers , a custom fit solution integrated across a varied landscape of IoT, OT, cloud, and on-premise or legacy systems is often needed.

Our experienced professionals can help navigate the changing technology and power innovation landscape with confidence. We look forward to tailoring a best in class solution for your organization's unique business objectives and technology landscape.

Manufacturing & Logistics

The manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics industries are dependent on reliable and cost-effective power for their business-critical operations. However, rising cost of energy and increasing power demand are challenges that these industries have to navigate. 

Enterprises are under inreasing pressure to decrease energy cost and decarbonize their operations. We believe this impetus for energy transition and electrification is an opportunity to unlock value from operations and assets.

Our global team of experts and partners can help to define and deploy your energy strategy. Our suite of innovative energy services is designed for optimizing cost, improving utilization, reducing downtime, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Commercial Real Estate & Facilities

Energy transition is a crucial aspect of commercial real estate and facilities. The commercial real estate industry is responsible for approximately 30% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. []  By accelerating energy transition and improving energy efficiency, commercial real estate and facilities can reduce their carbon footprint, lower operating expenses, and increase property asset value. 

Our experienced team of professionals can assist your organization by developing and implementing a comprehensive energy transition program that includes decarbonization strategy, identifying energy efficiency improvements, and accelerating the electricification of facilities / vehicle fleets.